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Dismantling and Assembling Method of Screw Oil Press Machine

(1) Removal of screw: When the oil press stops, the handle can be grasped, the squeezing shaft can be pulled out from the chamber, and the protective cap, nut, bearing and bolt can be removed. With a 16 mm diameter iron bar pierced into the hole of the locking nut to rotate counter-clockwise. After the locking nut is removed, all the pressing nuts can be easily removed. If the snail is removed, it can be heated with a fire stick and then removed.

(2) Screw pressing equipment: Make the screw oil press machine stand up, fine end upward, and then the dregs and screw of screw press are sequentially mounted on the axle with asbestos gaskets in the 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st row numbers, and then locked with locking nuts to prevent oil dregs from entering the screw and affecting the dismantling of the screw. Then the bearings and adjusting bolts are installed, paying attention to the large hole surface when two bearings are installed. Both sides of the dispatching bolt are rested on. The screw is tightened by two nuts after the whole pressing bolt is assembled. The clearance of the two 8309 bearings should be noticed when the back is tightened. When the dispatching bolt is rotated by hand, it can be rolled and looped.
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