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Is the oil refinery machine a MUST in small oil mill?

Small oil mills are generally equipped with oil press and oil filters. Equipment such as refinery has always existed in large refineries in the traditional concept, but with the development of the industry, many users have higher requirement against the quality of oil.

Although the oil quality after processed by small oil refinery can only meet China oil standard level three, but this is enough. It can significantly improve the quality of oil to a higher level, not only in the taste, but also in color and future storage, and greatly improve the market competitiveness of the oil mill. The oil that is pressed out by the oil press is called crude oil. The oil contains certain impurities, including solid impurities and suspended impurities. These substances cannot be cleaned by simple filtration. The small refinery is mainly equipped for small oil mills. Its functions mainly include “degumming”, “deacidification”, “drying” and “decolorization”.
The whole refining process is purification, and the refined oil is not only good in color, but also has a big improvement on the palate. It can effectively remove gum, solid impurities, pigments, moisture, etc. in crude oil, which is the basic requirement for small and medium-sized oil mills in the future development of oils processing industry.

Is the oil refinery machine a MUST in small oil mill
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