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What is a Centrifugal Oil Filter?

Centrifugal oil filter can filter rapeseed oil, soybean oil, peanut oil and sunflower seed oil. The centrifugal oil filter has contributed to the health of each of us, let us find health in our lives, and let each of us live a healthy life.

The working principle of centrifugal oil filter machine is developed according to the different proportions of liquid (grease) and impurities (oil residue) in crude oil during the oil processing. When rotating at high speed, it is subjected to outward centrifugal force to separate and clarify grease and oil residue. Impurities with a large specific gravity (oil residue) are deposited on the barrel wall, and the clarified grease with a small specific gravity is in the middle. When the barrel stops during operation, the clarified grease will flow out from the bottom hole. When the sludge deposits to a certain thickness, the funnel can be removed to clean the sludge at any time. When cleaning the oil residue, you only need to remove the funnel without screwing a screw, which is convenient and fast and becomes an unparalleled advantage over other products.

The emergence of centrifugal oil filter solves the problems such as opaque, large colloid, foaming and smoking of high-viscosity cooking oil filter, and can maintain the original fragrance, making the filtered oil truly become the natural green cooking oil on the ordinary people's dining table.

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