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What about the Screw Oil Press that Produces Cakes Slowly, without Cakes and without Feeding? ( 2 )

Reasons for screw oil press not feeding and solutions:
1. Newly pressed snails have not been rubbed in properly, which means that the newly purchased equipment has not been rubbed in properly. (In the working process of screw press, the rotating screw axis pushes the material forward continuously by pushing the screw in the chamber.) The front and back light will lead to the inconvenient running of the material.
Solution: It is necessary to further grind the screw or polish the non-smooth position with a polishing machine, which is why the newly purchased equipment must be grinded first. Running in well can ensure the normal production of screw press, but also can extend the service life of equipment.

2. Oil line blockage
If the oil line is blocked, resulting in oil can not flow out in time, it will be blocked in the chamber, space will become smaller and smaller, so it can not feed. The treatment method is to clean up the oil line. In order not to block the oil line, it is suggested that the oil line be cleaned regularly to prevent such a situation.

3. Excessive temperature
The high temperature of the press chamber prevents the oil from being squeezed out quickly. Solution: After processing for a period of time, use the biscuit to return to the machine, or turn off the heater.

4. Overfried Oil
Screw oil press can not work. Solution: We need to pay attention to when frying oil, oil should not be too light or too heavy, which will not only affect the oil extraction rate of the press, but also cause the problem of difficult feeding.

5. Wear at the interface between back support and press bar
This situation will cause the last section of the extrusion head to move, there is no void, unable to feed will cause clogging and unable to feed. Solution: timely replacement of damaged parts, regular inspection and maintenance of equipment, can avoid or reduce the emergence of screw oil press problems.
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