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Introduction to the Manufacturing Technology of Palm Crude Oil

The following will introduce the production process of palm crude oil: FFB enters the fruit-producing stage in about 3 years of growth. After harvesting by fruit growers, FFB is transported to the palm crude oil production workshop, and then processed in the following steps:

1. Weighing the fruit into the factory first through the truck scale weighing, easy to settle accounts and subsequent production cost accounting.

2. Removing fruit FFB is screened and removed impurities after passing through the ramp and then transported into the conveyor to the fermentation tank. The time from picking to fermentation should not be too long. Free fatty acid (FFA) will increase after 24 hours, which is not conducive to the subsequent production and processing.

3. Fermicidal FFB is cooked under high pressure and high temperature after entering the fermentation tank, which prepares for various subsequent processes.

4. Fruit-shedding FFB is softened in the process of killing fermentation, and the palm fruit is separated from the fruit bundle (EFB) by beating and sieving the fruit-shedding machine.

5. Empty fruit bunches (EFBs) are transported to the orchard for fertilizer or fuel after hoarding, and can also be used for other purposes.

6. The fruit is crushed by mixing and extruding in the crushing tank after threshing.

7. Crushed fruits are extracted by screw extrusion in a palm kernel oil pressing machine.

8. Separation of fibers. After crushing, the extruded cake-like fibers enter the air separation system and separate the fibers from the nuclei.

9. After separating the nucleolus from the fibers, the nucleolus is divided into the nucleolus and the shell by the nuclear crusher. Then the nucleolus and the shell are separated by the air separation and water washing system. The shell is stored as fuel and enters the boiler fuel system. Kernels are dried and stored.

10. CPO contains certain moisture and impurities after being squeezed by palm kernel oil pressing machine. After preliminary cleaning of sand tank and vibration screen, CPO is heated and stirred into vertical clarified oil tank, and then separated into dirty oil and clean oil, which are dried and transported to the crude oil storage tank. The waste oil is treated and recovered after sand removal system and centrifugal separation.

11. Oil transportation  According to the actual situation, oil pipeline transportation is made.

12. Water treatment  Source water is usually introduced into factories from nearby rivers. After preliminary clarification and filtration, it is treated by osmosis and reverse osmosis to meet the boiler feed water standard.

13. Power system  The power is mainly generated by steam turbines and is equipped with diesel generators.
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