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Characteristics And Introduction Of Cooking Oil Press

There is nothing more important than life between heaven and earth. Health is 1, wealth is 0.0, the more the better, but if there is no 1, 0 is meaningless. Science and technology are changing, the times are changing, but people's yearning and pursuit for a better and healthy life have remained unchanged. There are two kinds of things that people need every day. One is water, the other is edible oil. Water comes from nature.

Edible oil is divided into animal oil and vegetable oil. Animal edible oil mainly contains saturated fatty acids, which are easily absorbed by the human body and combined with cholesterol, and remain on the wall of blood vessels, resulting in atherosclerosis, vascular stenosis, elevated blood pressure, and heart disease. Vegetable edible oil mainly contains unsaturated fatty acids, which are easily absorbed by the human body. It provides essential elements that the human body can not synthesize by itself. Vegetable edible oil is processed and pressed through peanuts, rapeseed, sesame, and other foods. But in this process, there are many unanswered problems.

With the increasing demand for healthy oil in the market, the competitiveness of the oil press equipment industry is also increasing day by day, cooking oil press machine also has a higher concern.

The emergence of cooking oil press has solved the shortcomings of traditional oil press. First of all, this oil press occupies a small area, although sparrows are small, with all the internal organs. It looks small, all of them are high-tech. When vegetable oils are added to the feed port, you can sit and wait for the oil after one button starts. The whole process only needs you to inspect the running condition of the equipment, saving time and labor, and working efficiency. This oil press does not need you to have too much experience, not need too many people to operate, save time and effort, and has the advantages of high oil yield, pure oil products, large output, etc. It is a fully automatic integrated oil press combined with press and filter. You only need to operate the buttons on the control panel by yourself to control the whole pressing process.

Cooking oil press has a bright and textural appearance, close external structure, effective combination of control panel and equipment, automatic control and easy operation. Secondly, the internal structure is more layered, evenly distributed and not disorderly. The rapeseed oil press is divided into hot pressing and cold pressing, the two processes are different.
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