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Advantages and Prospects of Oil Press

At present, China has become the world's largest consumer of edible oil, China's population is dense, three meals a day can not be separated from edible oil, and China's edible oil self-extracting oil-less, edible oil market demand is large, so now many oil press manufacturer produces household and commercial oil press. Eat self-extracting healthy and safe oil, you can choose a stainless steel oil press, small family oil press. With the above oil press, fragrant peanut oil can be squeezed at home in minutes. It is healthy, safe and pure natural oil is environmentally friendly.

Nowadays, gutter oil, saliva oil, fake oil, poison oil, expired oil and blended oil with pigments frequently appear in the market, and the safety of edible oil attracts attention. Frequent consumption of these poor quality problem oils can lead to various diseases and even cancer.

It is convenient and safe to squeeze oil by oneself. Household juice press is scientifically designed, reasonably structured, easy to operate, safe and stable. It takes only a few minutes to complete the process from feeding to finished products with an automatic device. The technology is precise, the wear resistance is good, the service life of the oil press is improved, and the service time can reach several decades. At the same time, the oil yield is high, the pressing is stable, and the oil yield is greatly improved.
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