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Cautions and Maintenance Method of Hydraulic Sesame Oil Press Machine

Hydraulic sesame oil press machine is widely used in China. But most people are not clear about the matters needing attention and maintenance methods of the hydraulic press, which leads to the reduction of the service life of the machine and the frequent occurrence of faults. Today, I'm here to give you some explanations.

1. Inspection and debugging
Before the oil pump test, add clean mechanical oil or vegetable oil to the tank, press the handle up and down to see if the piston of the sesame oil press machine rises. If the piston does not rise or the handle is not laborious when pressing, check the valves of the tank and remove the air in the pipeline. The pressure withstanding test of the whole machine is carried out. The pressure used in the test is 1.25 times of the working pressure. The piston is checked to reach the maximum working stroke. The pressure is stabilized for 15 minutes, and the pressure gauge reading drop value shall not exceed 4% of the test pressure. There should be no leakage in all oil pipelines. After all pressure relief, the pressure gauge pointer returns to the position of '0'. The parts should not be damaged, the tie rod should not be significantly deformed, and the moving parts should not be stuck. Reliability test of safety valve is carried out. The safety valve is adjusted to working pressure (upper left + 5, lower left + 1) MPa. The needle valve is open and closed sensitively after five consecutive tests. The pressure gauge reading after each valve jump should not be lower than the rated working pressure.

2. Use operation
According to different oils, the temperature and water content of cake billet should be mastered. When pressing, the lower top plate is lowered to the lowest position, the movable tie rod nut is loosened, two movable pins are pulled out, and the movable tie rod is rotated on one side. After filling the cake into the squeezing chamber in turn, the movable tie rod is rotated back to its original position and fixed. First, the movable tie rod is pre-pressed until the oil is seen, then processed and fresh-keeping is stopped. Then the remaining cake is returned to the piston and loaded into the formal squeezing machine (20 pieces of cake are usually loaded by the hydraulic press). When pressing, the handle should be pressed gently and diligently, and the force should be uniform. No excessive force should be allowed. Otherwise, accidents will occur easily. Press oils with high oil content (such as peanut kernels and rapeseed). First press with low-pressure pump, then switch to high-pressure pump. If it is found that the pressure gauge pointer can not return to zero, it should be checked, repaired or replaced in time. Open the return valve, the oil will automatically flow back to the tank, the piston will automatically fall, you can unload.

3. Maintenance
Pressure oil in oil pumps should be filtered for water-saving irrigation, and its concentration should not be too high. It is best to use rapeseed oil, soybean oil and peanut oil, etc. Flammable oils such as gasoline and kerosene are prohibited. Keep the tank clean. Clean the tank every 3 months or so, replace the new oil, or take the oil out of the tank and use it after filtering. Impurities in the oil will wear the oil pump and cause blockage of the oil pipeline, affecting the work of the oil press.
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