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Operation Steps of Palm Oil Expeller Machine

Palm oil expeller machine is divided into five steps:

1. Raw material receiving and storage section
Fresh mature ears were collected from the orchard and trucked to the unloading table. Make the ears fall into the cage car freely.

2. Fermentation section
Killing fermentation is the process of cooking oil palm fruit at high temperature for about 60 minutes in the sterilizing equipment of palm oil expeller machine to destroy the lipase in the pulp so as not to increase the content of free fatty acids in the oil. It makes the fruit soft, easy to mechanically thresh, and also conducive to the subsequent peeling of the core, reducing the damage of the kernels.

3. Fruiting section
Oil palm fruit grains account for about 60% of the whole bundle. The purpose of threshing is to separate oil palm fruit from the bundle. The separated oil palm fruit is discharged into the pressing section.

4. Mashing and pressing section
The purpose of mashing and cooking is to tear the epidermis of the fruit, separate the pulp from the pit, and mash the pulp tissue. At the same time, the pulp is softened by heating, and the pulp cell structure is destroyed. The palm fruit is then pressed by a continuous spiral palm oil expeller machine.

5. Crude oil purification section
The crude oil is obtained by pressing. The crude oil is washed and diluted by water, then settled and filtered to remove the fibers from the oil. This is the general operation procedure of the palm oil expeller machine.
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