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Analysis of the Phenomenon of Slag or No Oil in Coconut Oil Press

Coconut oil is not common to us. It can improve the metabolism efficiency of the human body. Coconut oil is a kind of edible oil obtained by pressing the dried or mashed coconuts with oil press equipment. When the pressed coconut oil solidifies, the colour is pure white, while when it is liquid, the colour is clear as water, with the flavour of coconut and sweet taste. Also, it has a rich nutritional value and anti-cancer factors. This kind of green and healthy oil, which can not only be eaten but also be used for beauty, has been put on the market and received unanimous praise from consumers.

When the copra oil press is used to make coconut oil, the raw material is dried coconut or coconut. When the oil press is used to press the dried coconut, the production process includes dried coconut, drying, breaking, crushing, rolling embryo, steaming and frying, pre-pressing, pressing, filtering and finished coconut oil. According to the customer, in the process of making coconut oil, there are many problems, such as the equipment does not feed, oil or slag. Most of the main reasons for these problems are that the cutting is too strong or the oil press does not run in well, which causes the equipment to jam. Even if the copra oil press is not run in well, the equipment will be locked and the sound will be abnormal when it is pressed, which will cause great damage to the motor.

Coconut oil processed by copra oil press can only be consumed after the refining process of deacidification, degumming, decolourization and deodorization. The coconut oil, which is made from coconut, is pure physical cold-pressed, does not need to be refined, colourless and transparent, and has the natural flavour of coconut. No matter what kind of technology, the equipment of the oil press is indispensable, so the quality of the equipment must be guaranteed.

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