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Extraction of Walnut Oil by Water

1) Zero add
Zero addition means that walnut oil is extracted by a walnut oil extraction machine without any additives. The technology of water substitution is based on the research, promotion, optimization and development of water enzymatic method.

2) Zero pollution.
Zero pollution refers to the storage of walnut oil without any pollution from the beginning to the end.

The first is no additive pollution.

The second is that the walnut oil extractor has no pollution in the walnut oil storage process. ① Build a large area of solar drying workshop to dry the Camellia oleifera seeds in sunny, cloudy and rainy days, effectively prevent the mildew of the Camellia oleifera seeds; ② build an electric drying workshop for the Camellia oleifera seeds, after peeling, heat the Camellia oleifera seeds to the optimum dry humidity suitable for storage; ③ build a temperature-controlled Camellia oleifera seeds storage warehouse to store the Camellia oleifera seeds at a constant low temperature, effectively prevent the mildew of the Camellia oleifera seeds and the excessive acid value 。 ④ The independently designed screening machine can remove 100% of the mouldy camellia seeds, and provide an additional insurance for the polluted Camellia fruits and camellia seeds in the storage process.

Third, there is no pollution in the process of production and storage. Without high temperature and high pressure, the water substitution process can not only retain all the original nutrition of Camellia oleifera seeds but also do not produce harmful substances such as benzopyrene and no pollution in the production process.

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