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Main Features of YZYX140CJ-T Model

YZYX140CJ-T oil press machine is equipped with a reduction that is directly connected with the motor and a feeding mechanism that is independently driven, significantly improving the transmission efficiency and realizing high working efficiency and less energy consumption. Its structure is compact, occupying less space, and the closed transmission can prevent against potential mechanical injuries.

The machine body is fully protected and provided with the dedicated steam exhaust port and oil pressing observation port, making the machine beautiful and safe and keeping the floor clan and free from oil splashing.

Model number


Processing capacity(t/24h)


Residue oil of the cake(%)


Spiral axes rotate speed(r/min)


Main electromotor power(k.W)

18.5 or 22



(including motor)


1300 (including motor)

YZYX158 Spiral Oil Press under Automatic Temperature Control

Additionally fixed with a spiral conveyor, YZYX158 Series Spiral Oil Press (with conveyor) under Automatic Temperature Control can realize automatic cycle and repetitive oil pressing, so it is more suitable for pressing the raw oil materials. Its simple operation will reduce the labor intensity, and due to the compact structure, it will take up less space. With more pressing cage and line-shaft heating function, it is more convenient to heat up the barrel and the pressed raw oil materials, thus reducing the grinding duration. If blocked, the oil cake can be softened by heating to avoid disassembling. Moreover, in case of halfway shutdown, the temperature of the barrel also can be kept to maintain the pressing effect.

This machine features a longer pressing stroke in the barrel and a higher barrel pressure to increase the oil yield and reduce the residual oil in a dry cake. Moreover, its quick-wear parts are made of superior alloy steel to improve the service life remarkably.

This machine is a low-noise spiral oil press, and its reduction gearbox can achieve single-stage reducing transmission through high-precision hypoid gear, which makes the gearbox advanced by high bearing capacity, stable transmission, simplified structure, high efficiency, less energy consumption, and much lower noise.

Model number


Processing capacity(ton/24hrs)


Rotation speed of main spiral shaft(r/min)


Electric motor required(k.W)

30 or 37 (6 poles)

Conveyor motor(k.W)


Conveyor capacity(ton/h)


Temperture control power(k.W)






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