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Knowledge about Cold Oil Press

The cold oil press is sent to the oil press for pressing without heating or low temperature before the oil is pressed. The squeezed oil has a lower temperature and a lower acid value, and generally does not require refining, and refined oil is obtained after precipitation and filtration.

Cold-pressed oil has characteristics that it avoids the adverse effects of traditional high-temperature oil pressing. The cold-pressed oil pressed by cold press machine for oil retains the flavor and color of the oil, and retains the physiologically active substances in the oil intact (vitamin E has the function of keeping the skin healthy and enhancing human metabolism). The original flavor of cold-pressed oil is the choice for healthy life.

The cold-pressed oil has good color, but the oil does not smell fragrant, and it won't make you get inflamed. The key is that the cold-pressed oil will not over-foamed when frying.

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