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Main Factors Affecting Oil Yield of Screw Oil Press Machine

Moisture of oil plants: The most critical factor affecting oil yield is the water content of oil plants. The amount of water in oil plants directly affects the oil yield. General users do not have testing equipment. The appropriate water content of several main oil plants can be determined by empirical method as follows:

(1) Soybean: If it can be crushed with incisor teeth, bitten flat with molars, cracked slightly noisy, then the water is suitable. If it is flat but without cracks, it is too wet; it can be treated by fire or sunshine. If it breaks and makes a lot of noise, it is too dry; at this time, it needs some water.

(2) Cottonseed: It is suitable to separate the cottonseed by biting the shell with the teeth. If the shell is broken, it is too wet. If shell kernels turn into powder, they are too dry.

(3) Rapeseed: Two methods can be used: cold or hot pressing. In cold pressing, it is appropriate to use nails to extrude into two pieces with oil. The powder is too dry and the powder is too wet.

In hot pressing: fry, check after frying, rub rapeseed with two boards, shell and kernel separation is appropriate: if the kernel into powder, it is too dry; if the shell and kernel are not separated, it is too wet.

2. The thickness of the cake reflects the pressure of the press chamber. The general rule is similar to the looseness of the round row, that is, the oil plant content should be higher with less pressure, the cake should be thin, the round row should be pressed (with the pressing nut); the oil plant content should be more, the pressure of the chamber should be smaller; the cake should be thicker, the round row should be looser.

The suitable thickness of cake is: Soybean: The first press should be slightly thicker than 1-1.5 mm or so; the second press should be about 0.5-1 mm thick. Cottonseed: Press it once, and the cake thickness is about 1-2 mm. Peanut kernels: generally cold pressed 2-3 times, cake thickness of about 1-2 mm.

In oil extraction, due to different factors, the thickness of cake should be determined according to the situation of cake production. The optimum thickness of cake is when oil production is the strongest. The determination of the thickness of the cake mentioned above must not be carried out according to the condition of the cake. The optimum thickness of the cake is when the oil is most abundant. The determination of the thickness of the cake mentioned above must not be rigid.
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