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Technical Realization Elements of Walnut Oil Press

The purpose of this utility models is to provide a walnut oil press to solve the problems of low efficiency and incomplete pressing of the existing press, and to solve the problem of manual feeding when the existing press feeds.

To solve the technical problems mentioned above, the utility model adopts the following technical scheme:

Walnut oil presses include material conveying device, press body, and oil collecting tank. The squeezer body includes a hydraulic cylinder, a pressing plate, and a pressing tank. The hydraulic cylinder is set on the top of the pressing tank through the support, and the hydraulic rod of the hydraulic cylinder is set on the bottom of the hydraulic cylinder along the vertical direction. The hydraulic rod passes through the top of the pressing tank and is connected with the top of the pressing plate horizontally arranged in the pressing tank. The bottom of the pressure plate is provided with a crushing trough, and a rotating crushing device is arranged in the crushing trough. The outlet of the material conveying device is arranged at the upper part of the side wall of the crushing tank. The bottom of the crushing tank is provided with an oil outlet, and an oil drain pipe connecting the oil collection tank is arranged at the oil outlet, and a filter residue section is arranged on the oil drain pipe.

The walnut to be pressed is fed into the crushing tank with a material conveying device, which has high efficiency. When the feeding is finished, the hydraulic cylinder and rotary crushing device are started. After the hydraulic cylinder is started, the hydraulic rod starts to move and the pressing plate moves downward. In the process of pushing the pressing plate downward, the pressing plate can press the walnut in the pressing tank. Because the rotary crushing device is started at the same time as the hydraulic cylinder, the walnut in the contact position with the rotary crushing device at the bottom of the press plate will be crushed and scattered in the process of pressing. The crushing oil after crushing walnut can make the resistance of the press plateless and improve the efficiency of pressing. At the same time, the oil inside the walnut will be more easily crushed after crushing. Therefore, the oil in walnuts will be squeezed more thoroughly, which can improve the yield. After the oil is squeezed out, it enters the oil collection tank along the oil discharge pipe from the oil outlet, realizing the oil collection. There is a filter screen in the filter residue section of the oil discharge pipe, which can filter the walnut residue entering the oil discharge pipe. The crushing tank is set up to prevent the rotary crushing device from affecting the distance of the pressing plate.
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