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Market Prospect of Oil Press

In the era of incessant preferential agricultural policies, through agricultural machinery subsidies and direct grain and oil supplements, we support the concentrated development of oil cash crops and oil processing in the dominant producing areas. The potential of grain and oil market is huge, and the edible oil processing industry is flourishing.

In recent years, "melamine", "lean meat powder", "ditch oil", "poisonous chopsticks", "false red wine", "black lunch box" and so on emerge in endlessly... As ordinary people, how can we eat scientifically and healthily? This is a tangle in people's life at present. Maybe besides housing, it has something to do with "eating". How can we eat cleanly and healthily?

Speaking of gutter oil, many people feel sick. Ditch oil is the kind of oil thrown away by restaurants. It is the kind of oil extracted from greasy floats in sewers or leftovers from hotels and restaurants (commonly known as swill water) after simple processing. We look clear and transparent, but in fact, it does great harm.

Therefore, people pay more and more attention to dietary health, especially pure natural crushing, the original taste of edible oil has a special preference. So in today's agricultural market, you can see that "green food" as a new industry, has been widely concerned by the society and government departments. "Organic Vegetables", "Organic Meat", "Green Food", "Green Edible Oil"... Faced with the dazzling array of barreled vegetable oils in supermarkets, more and more consumers choose safe, pollution-free and nutritious "crushing oil", now "crushing oil" has become the synonym of "healthy oil".

The real "crushing oil" is produced by pure physical crushing technology, using high-end and hygienic expeller oil pressing machine after careful material selection, stir-frying, physical crushing, and finally by natural plant fiber filtration technology. This process retains rich nutrients in the oil, no chemical solvent pollution, no chemical antiseptics, and antioxidants, ensures the safety, purity, nutrition, and delicacy of the product, meets the needs of human health, and is suitable for long-term safe consumption.
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