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What's The Difference Between Cold Press Expeller Machine And Hot Press?

Cold press expeller machine and hot press are used to smooth, bond, veneer and press sheets. Cold press expeller machine, as its name implies, is only pressed at room temperature, while the hot press can heat the plate, the temperature can reach up to 300 degrees, and the flat surface of the hot press is higher.

Customers can choose and purchase according to their production requirements. They can choose cold pressing with low requirements on viscose, production efficiency, etc. Because cold pressing takes a long time, sometimes takes 3-4 hours or more. Customers can equip multiple machines on demand so that workers can use them at the same time. In the market, cold press expeller machine is widely used in the production of wooden doors, panel cabinets and so on. If customers require fast dry glue veneer, high efficiency can choose the hot press, hot press with heating system, each separately pressed, used to hot-press bonding furniture panels, building partitions, wooden doors and a variety of wood-based panels.

After years of development, the technology of cold pressing and hot pressing in the domestic market has been very mature, and the operation of the machine is becoming simpler and simpler. The machine manufactured by the manufacturer is quite simple to operate. Pressure, temperature and time can be set. It is highly automated and can be easily handled by ordinary workers.
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