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Development Prospect and Characteristics of Walnut Oil Press Equipment

1. The development prospects of walnut oil press equipment

The oil content of walnut is as high as 65% to 70%, and it ranks in the forefront of all woody oils and earns the reputation of "oil depot on the tree". Using modern technology to extract its essence, this is a new generation of walnut product, walnut oil.

Walnut oil is a natural fruit oil juice obtained by selecting good quality walnuts as raw materials and using walnut oil press equipment. In the international market, walnut oil is known as the "Oriental olive oil", and is popular with consumers just like olive oil.

2. The characteristics of walnut oil press

(1) Multi-stage pressing

With continuous technological innovation, Sichuan GuangXin Machinery Of Grain & Oil Processing Co., Ltd has developed a new type of multi-stage screw oil press, which further reduces the residual oil rate of the material, increases the quality of oil and cakes, and is in the forefront of the oil press industry.

(2) Automatic temperature control pressing

The internal heating is set in the pressing chamber, no need to preheat the mill, and the automatic temperature rise of crude oil is convenient for oil refining.

(3) Vacuum filtration

The portable continuous oil refinery machine can quickly realize the separation of oil residues and remove colloidal impurities such as phospholipids in the oil. The processed oil does not foam, meets the national edible oil standard, and can be directly filled and sold.

(4) Large processing capacity, high-quality material and long service life

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