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How to Produce Flaxseed Oil?

The flaxseed oil press is a method of squeezing and pre-pressing - leaching - refining for the production of flax oil.

① Pressing method: raw flaxseeds → cleaning → removing impurities → softening → steaming and frying → pressing → crude oil filtration → refining → refined oil. 

② Pre-expression - extraction method:  

Essentials of flaxseed oil press equipment operation 

① Pretreatment and pressing:  

Cleaning and impurity removal: Various methods such as screening, wind separation and magnetic separation are used to remove various impurities such as dust, soil, sand, stems and leaves, husks, grass residues and metals in the selected materials. 

Softening: Heat to 85~90℃ with steam in a softening or steaming wok. The softening time and temperature need to be mastered. If the time is too short and the temperature is too low, the cell tissue will not be completely softened and the oil yield will decrease.

Sichuan Guangxin Machinery Of Grain & Oil Processing Co., Ltd, with environmental protection and energy saving awareness, provides high quality flaxseed oil press machines that have high oil output! If the temperature is too high, the oil produced will have a darker color and high gum content, and the cake will have a bad smell. Through softening, the moisture and elastoplasticity of flax seeds can be adjusted, which is suitable for the subsequent rolling process, and the moisture content is about 9%. 

Flaking: The flaking surface is required to be thin and uniform, and the thickness of the flaking should be about 0.2mm. Steaming and frying: The temperature of steaming and frying should not be too high, otherwise it is easy to cause coking of the flaking, thus deepening the color of the oil, and reducing the quality of the oil cake. Generally, the temperature should not be higher than 130℃.

Filtration: Crude oil after squeezing and solid suspended impurities such as meal chips should be removed by sedimentation and filtration.

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