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Working Principle and Classifications of Oil Filters

In the early stage, edible oil is in the state of crude oil, and it has particle impurities, colloidal impurities, and suspended matter in it, so crude oil must be filtered when it's in deodorization, or the quality of products will be affected seriously.

Oil filter is the filter to remove the mechanical impurities, oxidation byproducts, and moisture from impure oil through gravity, pressure, centrifugal, and vacuum distillation methods. Nowadays, the oil filter is widely used in the fields of edible oil and chemical industry, and it makes the oil close to or meet the national standards of oil.

1. Plate frame oil filter

2. Vacuum oil filter

3. Centrifugal oil filter

Centrifugal oil filter machine has the characteristics as below:

① Better separate effect of dregs and oil;

② Easy to operate and with high efficiency;

③ No filter cloth is needed, saving the trouble of washing the cloth;

④ No need to clean up the residual oil after every filtration;

⑤ Oil is much clear, no overflow.

4. Consider oil impurities

For mechanical particles, users can use centrifugal oil filters. Most of this kind of equipment mostly use stainless steel mat filter, which can filter layer by layer to achieve the final purpose of water removal and impurity removal. It's portable and flexible, and it has a strong ability to remove impurities. At the same time, its filter element is easy and convenient to clean up. For instance, high viscosity oil can not pass through the fine strainer, which needs to reduce the precision.

5. Easy to change the filter element

In long-term use, the filter element is easily blocked because oil filter continuously handles high viscosity oils, so filter elements need to be cleaned frequently or even be replaced, or the quality of filtered oil will be affected directly. As a result, when users choose an oil filter, they need to not only consider the quality of filter element and filter net, but also pay attention to if the filter element can be replaced easily and quickly, which aims to make the equipment operate normally and safely in the future.

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